There is no comparison...we want something unique

We decide to provide the best experience coupling the best you may get from the sky and the earth. We are sure that giving the best experiene in holiday is something that express our good will

We decided to be in the most beautiful Country

Greece is among the world’s top holiday destinations and there are so many reasons why this amazing country should become your all-year-long paradise! These next 5 words can describe Greece and it’s culture perfectly...

1. Diversity

It’s like a miniature world, really! Amazing beaches for every taste, snow-covered mountains that reach the clouds, fairytale forests, lakes and rivers with crystal clear water, thousands of islands... let alone the beautiful villages and towns, with a completely different architecture from place to place. You can never get bored in Greece, that’s a guarantee…

2. Taste

Greek food is based on the Mediterranean diet which is considered one of the healthiest in the world. At this land you can feel how a juicy tomato tastes like and you can enjoy a bowl of fresh yogurt with honey and nuts, with all these ingredients being produced at the same place. Everything, somehow, tastes better here and this is why Greece is an authentic culinary experience... Let's raise our glass of wine, or ouzo, or raki to that... hick!

3. History

More than 3000 years of rich history can be enough to make a place interesting, can’t they? This country has been through a lot, but the invaders never truly conquered her... Until today, Greece has managed to remain unaltered through the ages as a crossroad of cultures that have retained all the mystery of this finely-preserved precious heritage.

4. Climate

This country has a secret weapon, the perfect climate conditions. Never too cold, still... never too hot! That’s another fact that makes Greece the perfect destination during every season.

The summer is just amazing here, true! But have you ever seen the first falling leaves while strolling at a picturesque mountainous village of Peloponnese, have you been skiing at one of the numerous ski resorts up to the white mountains of the mainland or have you experienced the awakening of the nature on one of the lush and green islands of the Ionian sea? This country has so many things to offer during every season that can make you wanna stay for a whole year or even forever!

5. OPA !

This greek exclamation perfectly describes the greek way of life… Greeks are loud, sometimes they can cross the line and become quite rude and they lack patience but no one can deny that they are genuine, passionate, easy going, warm, creative, interesting people that you would love to have as friends. Greeks live every day as it is their last and that’s why you have to join them!


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